Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Welcome, Caterhamians!

If you have just arrived here for the first time, having seen our Relationships Forum this morning, welcome!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Pick(up) of the day...

Yes, those lovely people over at 4Laughs have made us their Pick of the Day again.

The observant among you may notice the changes we had to make for legal reasons. Apparently Barry is a very litigious man.

If you've got the time and / or the inclination do go over and have a look, and rate us highly. Thanks...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Who's Dirty

Our first set of site statistics have come in, and we thought it might be fun to share with you what people who searched on Google were looking for when they found us.

Together 29.15% of you were actually looking for us. Another 21.42% were simply looking for 'filth' or 'absolute filth', and we hope we didn't disappoint.

Quite a few people were looking for Cillit Bang, and one person was actually looking for 'Barry Scott porn'. It's good to know there's a market for such things.

We can't help but feel that we may have disappointed those of you looking for 'outdoor frolics' (and who actually frolics any more, anyway?), 'hotter than 10 blondes' or 'dirty milkmaid'. We shall never know if the person looking for 'more dirty blondes' actually found what he (or she) was looking for.

However, the most tragic failure of the last 100 visitors was that someone came hopefully to our site, when what they really wanted to find was: 'myspace boob graphics'.

MySpace Boob Grpahics. Tony Blair's Respect Agenda is dead in the water. MySpace Boob Graphics, of all things...

(Notice how this was a good excuse to use all of those mucky words again, to ensnare more porn fiends next month. Mwah ha ha ha ha haaaa!)

New Filth!

We're doing a show! March 28th and March 29th at the Horse and Groom on Great Portland Street. , Doors from 6:30, show at 7:00.

Be there!

Email me to book tickets.

This Advert Is Not Sexual

A non-sexual advert from our sponsors, and new mini-podcast...

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Be A Dirty Blonde!

Now you can tell the world just how dirty (and blonde) you are! Follow this link to go to our shop and buy our new ladies' T-shirt which says just that...

Or not, it's your money after all.

MySpace Muck

Yes, we're now part of the Rupert Murdoch's MySpace community. We're shilling for the corporations for...shillings. Check out our profile here, and become one of our friends, if you are already part of the teen-behemoth that is the MySpace phenomenon. Go on, dare you...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Natt's song: "It's Not Me, It's You" has been made an Editor's Pick of the Day over on Channel 4's 4Laughs site. Go there, listen to it (as if you haven't heard it a million times already). If you're really keen join the site and vote for its brilliance hundreds and hundreds of times. Or not.

It's really up to you...

Monday, February 12, 2007

More Filth!

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Here's our new podcast! Do subscribe to them, you silly old thing....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is there life on Maaaaaa-a-aa-ars?

Natt has been and gone done this, with the good people at the British Space Programme. It's all brand new with flashy graphics and all sorts of bells and whistles and knobs on. You may recognise more than one of the voices involved...

This does not have any relation to the BBC1 drama starring John Simm, which starts again next Tuesday. And none of us are in.