Sunday, October 22, 2006


From 14th to 18th November, Dirty Blondes will be traipsing their sordid gutter-scrapings over the stage as the Pleasance Studio in Islington. They're doing it as part of this show, written by the quite talented and very bald Michael J. Flexer of Insult to Injury fame.

Come. There are new people, new skecthes, new songs, and the whole thing's ruder than ever. Oh, you...


Dirty Blondes are pleased to announce two new members, one writer, and one writer-performer: Fiona Finlay and Sally Chattaway! To be sure they warrant their exclamation mark, some and wallow in filth at their new show next month.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Muckying Up Radio 2

Natt's play, My Lighthouse, will be aired on the Mark Radcliffe show (10:30 to midnight) on Thursday, 12th October. Knowing you're all hideous nightowls who would sooner eat your own eyeballs than not be drunk in a gutter at midnight, we suggest you listen to it on the BBC's Listen Again service.

Then write and tell them that it was the best thing they've ever polluted your ears with. Oh yes.